Public Relations

KFUPM emphasizes on building stronger relationships with public and key stakeholders which not only improves perception of the University but also develops mutual beneficial ties with society. The role of public relations is growing significantly due to the accelerated growth of KFUPM, variety of its functions at various administrative and technical levels that requires establishing an effective communication with partners and community at large.

Our Public Relations team performs the following core functions:

  • Receiving visitors and official delegations and manage their visit plan
  • Facilitating in travel arrangements of official delegations such as reservations, visas processing and accommodation
  • Offering on-campus tour and organizing off-campus tours with important scientific and cultural heritage centers in the region
  • Producing regular and on-demand publications that portrays positive image of the University
  • Organizing events inside and outside the University such as conferences, exhibitions and community services
  • Processing of gifts provided by the Department to visiting delegations and honoring ceremonies
  • Distribute the invitations of public events held by the Department
  • Supervises external and internal meetings, programs established by the Directorate General.